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"...the more inside ourselves we are, the more connected we are to other people and to the plights of other people, to the suffering of other people, but also to the Earth itself." -Eve Ensler

Hello, my name is Rhoda Keladry, a psychotherapist for teens, adults, and couples. Therapy is a place to connect with who you are, your values, and the relationships in your life.

We live in a time with heightened anxiety and pressures that manifests in our body, mind, and soul. The counseling space allows us to lean into what is happening for you both internally & externally, and gain further awareness.
One of my joys as a therapist is to support and accompany you, offering a voice that says, "Who are you? What do you want? I can't wait to see where you go!"

The face of the therapist

I like to start therapy with a 15-minute phone call to review nuts and bolts, hear a little about what you're hoping for from therapy, and give you an opportunity to ask questions you may have of me.  

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